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NOTE: This tool was created to help slow the spread of Covid-19 by allowing users to provide or view infection related information and assess where you are more/less likely to contract the virus. To minimize your exposure risk and prevent the pandemic from overwhelming health care providers jeopardizing the seriously ill limit your out of home or residence activities, follow the directives and orders at Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus - B.C. and when you do leave your home and are in an environment in which others are likely to be, or have recently been or may soon be, wear latex gloves and a face mask. To provide independent (of government and data-mining big tech) information and opinion to help curb the spread of the contagion use the tool.

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This too will pass:  Wuhan Celebrates Lifting of the Quarantine

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B.C. confirmed cases now 95677, 294 hospitalized, ICU 81, deaths 1449 RIP++ | Manitoba – confirmed cases 33975, 1177 active, 149 hospitalized, ICU 27, deaths 934 deaths ++RIP++ | While the pandemic has been financially devastating to many small businesses and workers it has been very profitable for Canada‚Äôs billionaires | Trudeau and Canada's airlines announce that all flights from Canada to the Caribbean and Mexico will be suspended until April 30, 2021 | Third wave of covid-19 echoing second wave of Spanish flu. More and more under 40's requiring hospitalization | B.C. imposing 3 week circuit breaker lock-dwon in face of rising covid-19/covid-19 variant infections | World Health Organization has stated what this ticker noted some internet genius had figured out weeks ago -- SARS-CoV-2 may never go away, and instead may become "just another endemic virus in our communities" like HIV | Prime Minister Trudeau does the right thing and extends the border closure for non-essential travel to to March 21, 2021. The border has now been closed for 1 year for non-essential travel, and yet so many travel into the USA for the most trivial of reasons | Prime Minister Trudeau refuses to have Canada exercise its authority over inter-provincial transport and regulate extra-provincial travel to curb the spread of covid-19 | Changes to federal government covid-19 support programs for workers causing additional hardships, more than 4 million Canadians lack the income to purchase necessities -- enact a UBI already! | USA #1 for infected citizens, Brazil #2, India #3, France #4, Russia #5 | USA #1, Brazil #2, Mexico #3, India #4, UK #5 - John Hopkins University | Worldwide Covid-19 infections ~127.44 million, ~2.79 million fatalities | At the present fatality rate, if covid-19 manages to infect 1 billion people more than 22 million people will perish from the pandemic. The Spanish flu pandemic took about 50 million lives between 1918 and its culmination in 1920. The world's population at the time was less than 2 billion. It is now 7.79 billion | 195000 Americans died from the Spanish Flu (second wave) in October 1918 alone | USA has 4% of the world's population, nearly 25% of the world's confirmed cases and nearly 20% of world's covid-19 deaths | USA now has more than 2.54 X the number of confirmed infected of Brazil which has the second highest number of confirmed cases in the world | Sentiments in favour of, and organizations lobbying for, Prohibition, grew significantly because of the Spanish Flu. Some countries that "reopened" have since experiencing post-reopening covid-19 pandemic spikes, re-closed bars. Will sentiments in favour of stopping the consumption of alcohol in bars and nightclubs grow because of this pandemic? | South Africa has banned the sale of alcohol to combat the spread of covid-19 | Just under half of Canada's confirmed cases and more than half of Canada's deaths in Quebec. Quebec and Ontario have more than 9/10 of Canada's total deaths. Quebec is the only province to have made mask wearing in indoor public spaces mandatory and experienced a reduction in its percentage of Canada's total confirmed cases after | Japan, which made masks mandatory early on, has more than 3X the population of Canada but about half the number of confirmed infections and fewer than 9.5K covid-19 deaths | Mongolia, Venezuela and Vietnam numbers made mask wearing mandatory early, infection and death rates low. | Brazil, Colombia and the USA did not make mask wearing mandatory early on | Nicaragua has more citizens than Ontario and Quebec combined. It has less than 6700 confirmed cases and less than 200 confirmed fatalities | McAfee sucks. Even though our websites do not track your activities with super-cookies -- we respect your privacy -- and do not contain any malicious software and are not engaged in any sort of phishing activity -- this corrupt company lists them as unsafe. Many websites that do put super-cookies on your computer do not cause McAfee to issue any warnings to end users. Also, McAfee anti-virus is a real pain to remove from your computer if you want to replace it with a good anti-virus program. Duckduckgo "McAfee removal" when you have time. | Canada has money to bail out big business and buy vaccines from big pharma, can't ensure -- like countries like Vietnam and China that have been successful in fighting covid-19 -- that all citizens have face masks | Remember when the CBC, the Canadian government and its paramilitary agencies and Canada's state-funded feminist organizations were telling Canadian women their greatest danger was Canadian men. Shamefully, they still are. | Pentagon "defence" budget $740 billion, Center Disease Control budget $11 billion - Code Pink | Conservative motion declaring genocide passes in the House of Commons. To their great discredit the NDP and Green Party supported this motion predicated on fake news | Community transmission makes it important for people to provide information through this web tool | USA 4.2 Trillion dollar bail-out program ratified by Senate benefits big banks and biggest corporations, will lead to greater concentration of wealth, essentially a swindle – Jimmy Dore | Covid-19 misandrist. Men more likely to die than women across all age demographics | NYC and Chinese Researchers find Covid-19 attacks T-cells | Chinese Scientists concerned Covid-19 may affect male fertility | Asymptomatic people -- people who have not yet developed illness and people who don't become ill, can spread covid-19 | China disinfected entire cities daily, sometimes twice daily, wealthy Dubai and poor Venezuela are now doing likewise | CBC Ideas airs debunked -- by Aljazeera and The Gray Zone -- bash China propaganda to fuel the new cold war and keep the military industrial complex fat, rather than presenting evidence the debunked disinformation is part of an organized intelligence campaign | Vietnam has the highest ratio of tests to confirmed cases in the world, made wearing of masks in public places mandatory by early March, has fewer than 2600 confirmed infectionsand less than 40 fatalities. Vietnam is the 15th most populated country on earth. | USA deepens sanctions on Iran, Syria and Venezuela | Though Trudeau government failed to enact UBI to deal with covid-19 pandemic economic collapse thereby spawning unnecessary administrative expense, unnecessary anguish and stress and numerous petitions it has done much better than the U.S. government at combating the economic harm occasioned by the pandemic. In fact, the U.S. government's failure to do much besides increase the wealth gap is causing the I.W.W. to have their biggest growth since the pre-war 20th century | Bank of Canada interest rate .5 percent, Bank of Canada expects this rate to continue until 2023 due to covid-19 decimated economy | Trudeau government still failing to prohibit the charging or collection of credit card and mortgage debt interest during pandemic, some Canadian banks generously offer to drop credit card interest rates to 11% -- why is interest of more than 9% even legal? | "I had a bird, I named it Enza, I opened a window and in flew Enza (influenza)" Children's skipping chant, Spanish Flu years | Google, the world's worst intellectual property thieves and worst privacy rights violator now steal from us and add feature to Google maps to show cities, regions and localities with high rates of covid-19 infection. The difference is that we were wanting to use citizen sourced information whereas Google is using government sourced information. We came up with our idea in early March of 2020 before this tool was created and went live in late March 2020 | A virus gone viral is conflating virtual reality and reality | Covid-19 may have been in Italy and USA much earlier than originally thought - as far back as September 2019 for Italy | Trudeau claims he is dedicating money to most vulnerable while his government denies emergency funds for any workers, self-employed persons, and entrepreneurs who made less than $5000 in earnings in the last tax year | San Diego had 366 deaths in the Spanish Flu, Philadelphia had more than 15,000. Mask wearing was mandatory in San Diego. | Coronavirus in New York came mainly from Europe | Multiple mutations of Covid-19 but three distinct strains identified, one of which may be less harmful than the other two strains -- phylogenetic network analysis by Cambridge University Researchers | Phunware Smart Phone Tracking Firm Identified Global Coronavirus Pandemic as "Promising New Profit Opportunity" - The Intercept | Many Canadians in default on rent payments, more and more Canadian businesses being distrained for outstanding rent | World Heath Organization warns that anti-body levels in some recovered Covid-19 patients in China so low recovery from Covid-19 may not mean immunity from future SARS-CoV-2 infection/re-infection | Curbing the spread might mean Sars-CoV-2 produces enough mutations to allow it to become a recurrent infection like influenza rather than terminating like the Plague and Spanish flu -- some internet genius | First covid-19 victim in USA was previously thought to have died on Feb. 29, 2020. Autopsies show covid-19 deaths took place on Feb. 17th and Feb. 6th. The deaths were not linked to travel meaning there was community transmission in the Bay area much earlier than previously thought -- San Francisco Chronicle | Canadian government wants to use invasive technology to help track covid-19 infection rather than much less invasive, less costly technology like this privacy rights respecting on-line tool | All sourced numbers are from tested individuals and confirmed by testing only, in many countries and communities not everyone who has Covid-19 is tested and identified - please provide your information through this web tool | Infection and death numbers seem to indicate which countries had good pandemic response and which countries have not | People involved with this tool and tracker have been trying to use the internet to support greater democratization and truthfulness in the world since 1994. On May 7, the main stream media reports what we reported weeks previous -- the covid-19 strain infecting North America is a different more lethal strain than the strain that infected people in Wuhan China (and came to North America's Eastern seaboard via Europe) | There have been multiple confirmed cases of covid-19 and at least one death in Belmarsh prison, the prison in which Julian Assange is unjustly detained. #FreeAssangeAlready |