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To slow the spread of Covid-19 and minimize your exposure risk follow the directives at, use this tool to provide or view infection related information for your province and community, stay in your residence or on your own property as much as you can and when you do leave your residence or property for an environment where others are likely to be, or within the last two weeks to have been, wear latex gloves and a face mask. Don't let covid-19 overwhelm our health care system and cause unnecessary deaths.

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This too will pass:  Wuhan Celebrates Lifting of the Quarantine

Covid-19 Symptoms and Testing Information

Vaccination Information (because vaccine will do what Saskatchewan's government couldn't otherwise do -- end the pandemic.?)

According to Saskatchewan's Vaccine Delivery Program vaccinations of Saskatchewan long term care residents and staff, health care workers in ER's, ICU's, covid-19 wards and covid-19 testing facilities, and of Saskatchewan residents 70 years and older in all communities, were to begin in late December 2020 and conclude in April, 2021.


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Covid-19 Prevalence Information - from conducted tests only

Israel no longer requiring mandatory out-door mask wearing. Slow Moe never made mask wearing mandatory outdoors in Saskatchewan's cities. | Third wave of covid-19 echoing second wave of Spanish flu. More and more under 40's requiring hospitalization | Due to rising number of covid-19 UK variants in Regina -- presently the worst per capita in Canada -- Regina Public and Catholic Schools move to online learning only. | Travel to and from Regina not recommended | In-person restaurant dining being closed in Regina and surrounding areas effective Sunday. Same for in person service in bars and nighclubs. Event venues like science centers, bowling alleys, theaters and banquet halls also being closed Sunday as are libraries and museums. Other personal service oclike Tatoo parlours, hair stylists, etc. can remain open | (yet) Another case of covid-19 at Saskatoon's Bethlehem Catholic High School - may be a variant of concern. Saskatchewan Health declares Covid-19 outbreak at Bethlehem Catholic High School, recommends that all BCHS students get tested through a covid-19 drive through testing service | UofS plans to increase in-class instruction in fall term, return completely to in-class instruction for winter term | UofS plans to increase in-class instruction in fall term, return completely to in-class instruction for winter term | As of today, 487 cases of the covid-19 UK variant and 8 cases of the covid-19 South Africa variant have been confirmed in Saskatchewan. There have as yet been no cases of the covid-19 Brazil, California, Finland or New York strains. 410 of the confirmed UK variants were in the Regina zone | Blended learning to continue at Greater Saskatoon Catholic High School | Many people are doing everything they can to keep the pandemic from ravishing Saskatchewan. This includes not travelling outside Canada. Some are not travelling outside Saskatchewan. | California has had more the 3.45 million confirmed covid-19 infections and more than 51K confirmed covid-19 related fatalities since the pandemic began. | The California covid-19 strain is from the same "family tree" as the more infectious UK variant now discovered in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. It may be more infectious and lethal than the UK variant - New York Post | University of Saskatchewan Summer Session also online | Slow Moe gives 4 million dollars to SJHA and WHL. Didn't spend money on uvc led sterilizers for Saskatchewan schools or provide any financial assistance to help us pursue and develop a uvc LED wearable. It seems Saskatchewan made a Trumpian mistake in not electing Ryan Meili | Saskatchewan has highest rate of infections per 100K residents in Canada | Blended learning to continue at Bethlehem Catholic High School after the February break, with reassessment during February break | Saskatoon's Vido-Intervac has completed animal testing of its covid-19 vaccine, looking for volunteers for human trials | Manitoba – confirmed cases 33975, 1177 active, 149 hospitalized, ICU 27, deaths 934 deaths ++RIP++ | B.C. confirmed cases now 95677, 294 hospitalized, ICU 81, deaths 1449 ++RIP++ | Genius Premier Moe said vaccines are the key to getting the pandemic under control, not lockdowns. Moe expressed pride that Saskatchewan is the province with the highest percentage of its population working. (while Saskatchewan's unemployment rate has been the highest it has been in years and people are leaving Saskatchewan in droves) | University of Saskatchewan Summer Session will also be online | Faced with the prospect of the introduction of more virulent covid-19 strains from the UK and South Africa, already present in Alberta and Ontario, Manitoba government imposes 14 day quarantine for anyone travelling into Manitoba. | With covid-19 confirmed infections and fatalities continuing to rise despite previous measures and restrictions Alberta bans all outdoor and indoor social gatherings. Orders closure of casinos, restaurants, bars, casinos, bingo halls, pool halls and bowling alleys, fitness centers, pools, spas, gyms, rinks and arenas, hair and nail salons, museums, galleries, libraries, science centers, amusement parks, galleries and water parks as of Sunday. Imposes mandatory work-from-home measures and makes masks mandatory across province. Only take out service now available. | Ontario province-wide mandatory lock-down extended | Trudeau urges students not to vacation during their February or March breaks | Former Clerk of the Legislature, former Secretary of the University of Saskatchewan and former interim President of the University of Saskatchewan, former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, former Clerk of the Senate, and present Member of the Order of Canada and SUMA President spends Christmas holiday in Hawaii. | Will Saskatchewan Justice charge some high profile connected type for violating Saskatchewan's covid-19 restrictions or does it only charge and criminalize poor people and university graduate students? | Saskatchewan Health finally purchases made in Saskatchewan PPE from a Saskatchewan company. The company was publicly complaining about their inability to get business from the Saskatchewan government less than two months ago. | Saskatoon epidemiolgist calls on Slow Moe to impose two week circuit breaker lockdown for Regina due to incidence of UK covid-19 variant | Ontario declares state of emergency. Cross-province stay at home order issued | More transmissible British covid-19 variant in Ontario. More transmissible South African covid-19 variant found it Alberta. Dam crafty virus keeps buying airline tickets and going on international flights. | Saskatchewan "front line health care workers," or rather a coalition of unions and professional associations involved in the health care field claiming to be front line health care workers, use invasive big US tech advertising to promote website promoting Saskatchewan Health guidelines designed to slow the spread of the pandemic | Premier Moe upset about protest outside the home of the Chief Medical Health Officer, wants to pass law preventing similar protests outside the homes of government officials -- now a common protest tactic in the USA - in the future | Ontario delays February school break to March | UK covid-19 variant "B117", 70% more transmissible than the strain that originally infected the Eastern seaboard of the US and Ontario and Quebec, causes NewFoundland and Labrador to be ordered back into lockdown. In-person voting in provincial election suspended, ballot counting to be delayed by at least two weeks -- 680 News, CBC | Health Canada recommending that people under 55 not be given AstroZeneca vaccine due to blool clots cases | Saskatchewan government has still not purchased uvc lighting to disinfect school desks and walls at night | Saskatchewan Health contacting people with medical conditions putting them most at risk from covid-19 advising them of their vaccine eligibility. | Saskatchewan Health charging people money for their immunization record. ??? | Saskatchewan Genius Premier Scott Moe announces big tech supported, federal and Ontario government funded, covid-19 bluetooth contact tracing app coming to Saskatchewan. Way to support independent, non-invasive, Saskatchewan-based tech, Saskatchewan Health and Premier Moe. Innovation Saskatchewan! Meanwhile, Saskatchewan high school and university graduates are leaving Saskatchewan in droves | CBC gives national news coverage to Quebec man who creates web tool similar to this one to help Quebec parents and students gauge covid-19 infection incidence in Quebec schools. CBC Saskatchewan and the US hedge-fund owned, military-industrial complex tied "Saskatoon msm" didn't regard our creation of this webtool back in March newsworthy. Way to support independent, non-invasive, Saskatchewan based tech, CBC Saskatchewan and "Saskatoon" msm | In March of this year, we provided Saskatchewan Procurement and the Minister of Health with information about this covid-19 pandemic curtailment tool and an analog (UV light) tool we had conceived of and were working on developing and could use capital to promote or implement. Almost a year later and finally an information request. | EHealth Saskatchewan technical support wait times in excess of 10 minutes. How much in excess? We don't know. How is this acceptable during a pandemic? | People have tested positive for covid-19 in the following Saskatoon High Schools: Holy Cross High School, St. Joseph's High School, Bethlehem Catholic High School, Walter Murray, Evan Hardy, E.D. Feehan, Tommy Douglas and Chief Whitecap. A Regina school has also closed after a staff member tested positive for covid-19. | Being in tech in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is knowing that unless you are some politician's relative or friend, the local and provincial government will never have your back but will instead stab you in the back | Are covid-19 quarantine homes being set up and operated on west side streets without notice to surrounding inhabitants and home owners? | Ontario Premier Doug Ford declares Ontario now being hit by second wave, imposes mandatory mask wearing in public places, recloses restaurants, bars and theatres in Ottawa and Toronto, lock down now in effect in Toronto and Peel region | Czech Republic closes schools as confirmed infections soar | Following calls by Manitoba Doctors for a province-wide lock-down and Manitoba's First Nations going into lock down more than a week ago, Manitoba in full province-wide four week lock down. Non-essential retail stores, gyms, movie theatres, salons, and churches closed and all recreational facilities and sports activities have been shut down. Schools and child-care centres will remain open. Massage therapy, physiotherapy and dentist clinics are unaffected by the lock-down order -- CBC. Previously, the Manitoba Health Officer had ordered the closure of Winnipeg casinos, bingo halls, bars and entertainment venues | Saskatchewan bars are ordered to cease alcohol sales at 10 PM and to close by 11 PM | Mask-wearing in indoor public spaces now mandatory in all public spaces in Saskatchewan | Social get-togethers in family dwellings are not to exceed five people unless it is just a nuclear family comprised of more than five people in the get-together | Nearly 100 people at Saskatoon Oppression Center test positive for covid-19. The vast majority are inmates - CBC | Slow Moe's government was slow in making masks available to correctional inmates | Sadasktchewan Health opening more drive through testing sites in Regina and Saskatoon, finally recognizing hours long wait lines were a deterrent to people getting tested | Saskatchewan nurses call on provincial government to close night clubs and churches | Saskatoon Correctional Center and Pine Grove inmates going on hunger strike to demand Christine Tell's resignation - CBC | Many people are doing what they can to keep the pandemic from ravishing Saskatchewan. This includes not travelling outside Canada. Some are not even travelling outside Saskatchewan. But at least one member of Saskatchewan Health's board of directors went to California in November, and is still in California. | A California covid-19 strain has been identified. It is from the same "family tree" as the more infectious UK variant now discovered in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan but seems to be more infectious and lethal than the UK variant - New York Post | Prime Minister Trudeau again does the right thing and extends US border closing to April 21, 2021. The border has now been closed for 1 year for non-essential travel, and yet so many travel into the USA for the most trivial of reasons | Prime Minister Trudeau refuses to have Canada exercise its authority over inter-provincial transport and regulate extra-provincial travel to curb the spread of covid-19 | Trudeau government re-opening international travel between Canada and the UK where a more transmissible variant of covid-19 has been circulating | When Trudeau hired former Canadian NATO head (at a very significant salary) to handle logistics of covid-19 vaccination program we pointed out that while Generals know a lot about the logistics involved in the movement of troops, arms and killing -- they do not know anything about the logistics of health care and vaccine delivery. | Trudeau refuses to enact UBI, many Canadians now under extreme financial distress. 4 million Canadians now without sufficient income to purchase necessities. In Saskatoon, people can often now be seen lined up outside foodbank | Trudeau government claimed it did not have the legal authority to prevent people from holidaying outside of Canada. The demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society clause of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms suggests otherwise. | Several days ago Trudeau and Canada's airlines announced that all flights from Canada to the Caribbean and Mexico were suspended until April 30, 2021 | McAfee sucks. Even though our websites do not track your activities with supercookies -- we don't use because we respect your privacy -- and do not contain any malicious software and are not engaged in any sort of phishing activity -- this corrupt company lists them as unsafe. Many websites that do put tracking supercookies on your computer do not cause McAfee to issue any warnings to end users whatsoever. Also, McAfee anti-virus is a real pain to remove from your computer if you want to replace it with a good anti-virus program. Duckduckgo McAfee removal when you have time. "McAfee rip off" returns 119000 results in google, ranging from class action information to "2 out of 5 star" average reviews on review ratings websites | CDC Recommends Everyone Wear face masks | CDC expands list of covid-19 symptoms to include loss of sense of smell or taste, sore throat, chills and diarrhea | USA #1 for infected citizens, Brazil #2, India #3, France #4, Russia #5 | USA #1, Brazil #2, Mexico #3, India #4, UK #5 - John Hopkins University | Worldwide Covid-19 infections ~127.44 million, ~2.79 million fatalities | At the present fatality rate, if covid-19 manages to infect 1 billion people > 22 million people will perish from the pandemic. The Spanish flu in 1918-19 took about 50 million lives. The world's population at the time was less than 2 billion. It is now 7.79 billion | 195000 Americans died from the Spanish Flu (second wave) in October 1918 alone | USA has 4% of the world's population, nearly 25% of the world's confirmed cases and nearly 20% of world's covid-19 deaths | Sentiments in favour of, and organizations lobbying for, Prohibition, grew significantly because of the Spanish Flu. Some countries that "reopened" have since experiencing post-reopening covid-19 pandemic spikes, re-closed bars. Will sentiments in favour of stopping the consumption of alcohol in bars and nightclubs grow because of this pandemic? | South Africa has banned the sale of alcohol to combat the spread of covid-19 | More than half of Canada's confirmed cases and more than half of Canada's deaths are in Quebec. Quebec and Ontario have more than 8/10 of Canada's total deaths | For the sake of your community, your country and your family, wear a mask. Japan has more than 3X the population of Canada but fewer than 9.5K deaths | Mongolia, Venezuela and Vietnam made mask wearing mandatory early on. Colombia and Brazil did not make mask wearing mandatory early on. "Horrible, dictatorial" Venezuela has fewer than 1600 confirmed covid-19 fatalities | Brazil, Colombia and the USA did not make mask wearing mandatory early on | Nicaragua has more citizens than Ontario and Quebec combined. It has less than 6700 confirmed cases and less than 200 confirmed fatalities | Venezuela has under 155k confirmed infections and less than 1600 confirmed fatalities | Canada has $$$ to bail out big business, pre-order vaccines from big pharma, can't ensure -- like countries that have been successful in fighting covid-19 (China and Vietnam for example) -- that all citizens have face-masks to wear | Remember when the CBC, the Canadian government and its paramilitary agencies and Canada's state-funded "feminist organizations" were telling Canadian women their greatest danger was Canadian men. Sadly, they still are | Pentagon "defence" budget $740 billion, Center Disease Control budget $11 billion - Code Pink | Canada's trusted Covid-19 source, US military industrial complex owned msm, and military industrial complex tied US and British think tanks continuously China bash to create the new cold war to keep the US military industrial complex fat | Community transmission and sky-rocketing new infection numbers overwhelming hospital and contact tracing capacities makes it important for people to provide information through this web tool | USA 4.2 Trillion dollar bail-out program ratified by Senate benefits big banks and biggest corporations, will lead to greater concentration of wealth, essentially a swindle – Jimmy Dore | Covid-19 misandrist. Men account for more than 2/3 of Italian deaths, deaths of men more than 2 X deaths of women in Spain, men nearly 60% of Covid-19 fatalities in NYC | NYC and Chinese Researchers find Covid-19 attacks T-cells | Asymptomatic people -- people who have not yet developed illness and people who don't become ill, can spread covid-19. New research indicates, however, that they are not nearly as contagious as symptomatic people | Back in March and April China was disinfecting entire cities daily, sometimes twice daily, wealthy Dubai and poor Venezuela doing likewise | CBC's "Cross Country Check-up" airs several hours of bash China, pro-militaryindustrial complex propaganda/fake genocide crap. While doing so the CBC presents former Canadian ambassador to China, presently with the Atlantic Council funded (NATO funded) Munk School, David Mulroney as an objective humanitarian "China expert".Mulroney has his lips so firmly on the ass of the military industrial complex people can smell the shit from miles away. | CBC fails to report on leaked documents proving Thomson-Reuters and the BBC received billions of dollars from the British deep state to promote fake news. -- The Gray Zone. Has the CBC done likewise? | Vietnam has the highest ratio of tests to confirmed cases in the world, made wearing of masks in public places mandatory by early March, has fewer than 2600 confirmed infections, and less than 40 fatalities. Vietnam is the 15th most populated country on earth. | USA deepens sanctions on Iran, Syria and Venezuela | Though Trudeau government failed to enact UBI to deal with covid-19 pandemic economic collapse thereby spawning unnecessary administrative expense, unnecessary anguish and stress and numerous petitions it has done much better than the U.S. government at combating the economic harm occasioned by the pandemic. In fact, the U.S. government's failure to do much besides increase the wealth gap is causing the I.W.W. to have their biggest growth since the pre-war 20th century | Huge winding motorcade of Americans in need of food receive necessities from Texas foodbank. More than 25K served | Bank of Canada interest rate .5 percent, Bank of Canada expects this rate to continue until 2023 due to covid-19 decimated economy | Trudeau government still failing to prohibit the charging or collection of credit card and mortgage debt interest during pandemic, some Canadian banks generously offer to drop credit card interest rates to 11% -- why is interest of more than 9% even legal? | More than 250 million people stage general strike in India, demands include UBI | "I had a bird, I named it Enza, I opened a window and in flew Enza (influenza)" Children's skipping chant, Spanish Flu years | A virus gone viral is conflating virtual reality and reality | Google, the world's worst intellectual property thieves and worst privacy rights violator now steal from us and add feature to Google maps to show cities, regions and localities with high rates of covid-19 infection. The difference is that we were wanting to use citizen sourced information whereas Google is using government sourced information. We came up with our idea in early March of 2020 before this tool was created and went live in late March 2020 | Covid-19 may have been in Italy and USA much earlier than originally thought - as far back as September 2019 for Italy | San Diego had 366 deaths in the Spanish Flu, Philadelphia had more than 15,000. Mask wearing was mandatory in San Diego. | Coronavirus in New York came mainly from Europe | Multiple mutations of Covid-19 but three distinct strains identified, one of which may be less harmful than the other two strains -- phylogenetic network analysis by Cambridge University Researchers | Phunware Smart Phone Tracking Firm Identified Global Coronavirus Pandemic as Promising New Profit Opportunity - The Intercept | World Heath Organization warns that anti-body levels in some recovered Covid-19 patients in China so low recovery from Covid-19 may not mean immunity from future SARS-CoV-2 infection/re-infection | Curbing the spread might mean Sars-CoV-2 produces enough mutations to allow it to become a recurrent infection like influenza rather than terminating like the Plague and Spanish flu -- some internet genius | First covid-19 victim in USA was previously thought to have died on Feb. 29, 2020. Autopsies show covid-19 deaths took place on Feb. 17th and Feb. 6th. The deaths were not linked to travel meaning there was community transmission in the Bay area much earlier than previously thought -- San Francisco Chronicle | Canadian government using invasive, US big tech sponsored technology to help track covid-19 infection rather than much less invasive, less costly technology like this privacy rights respecting on-line tool | All sourced numbers are from tested individuals and confirmed by testing only, in many countries and communities not everyone who has Covid-19 is tested and identified - please provide your information through this web tool | Infection and death numbers seem to indicate which countries had good pandemic response and which countries have not | People involved with this tool and tracker have been trying to use the internet to support greater democratization and truthfulness in the world since 1994. On May 7, the main stream media reports what we reported on weeks ago -- the covid-19 strain infecting North America is a different more lethal strain than the strain that infected people in Wuhan China (and came to North America's Eastern seaboard via Europe) |